Separate design office

Italian lightness combined with years of professional expertise – prestigious industrial designers specializing in eyewear design work for us in our Italian design center in the northern area of Italy. They make sure to transform the latest trends in colors, shapes  and material from all over the world into stylish commercial collections, with never leaving the focus on the quality aspect.


Extensive technical know-how

A superb level of design know-how combined with production expertise, a wide range of material and processing tests – just to name some of our key criterias. With more than 20 years of experience, we guarantee top-quality prototype construction in an accelerated development process. We are able to present prototypes that are close to being ready for production.


International manufacture network

With our worldwide network of manufacturers, we cover the broadest spectrum of requirements – from inexpensive production series all the way to handcrafted glasses that are "Made in Europe." Because of continuous collaboration with BeYu Lizenz, all our manufacturers are absolutely reliable – especially in terms of quality and specified delivery dates.


Direct ordering for best prices

As a full service provider, we handle the entire ordering and delivery process for our customers. We know the best producers and, thanks to our market power, we are always able to negotiate unbeatable terms with them. If wanted, we can also provide warehouse logistics. For us, high-quality purchasing means that our customers only need to click "send" to place their order.


Concepts for successful sales

Based on the customer’s goals, a cross-discipline team of specialists develops a strategic marketing concept within the specified budget. In ophthalmology, FMCG or the fashion world, eyewear requires very specific marketing, tailored to the relevant branch. This is the quality we offer: we select the marketing resources that meet the goals best and design these in a way that promotes sales.


Your Brand for the Eyewear Business / Market

Another important element of our work is the development and marketing of brands for the eyewear sector. Our claim to quality rests on the professionalism of a full-service license package. Thus, working with the cosmetics brands ARTDECO cosmetic and BeYu cosmetics, we have sold more than 10 million pairs of glasses, while collaborating with one of the world’s largest eyewear retailers. BASLER is also among our fashion brand.